About | Hugo Elliott

About me

I’m currently the CFO of and a co-founder at Asset Reality.

I am fascinated by technology and the internet. Or rather the power of the internet to bring together people and ideas. I am passionate about science and the environment. Sustainability is important to me, it is an idea that should encompass life. I am passionate about renewable energy, we should all be doing more. I have built a small 100kW run of river hydroelectric scheme in Scotland and I’d like to build some wind and solar projects as well. I enjoy working with people who have good ideas, and with small businesses. I’ve worked for some large and small companies and tried to build my own.

Helpings of humble pie

This blog is about things that interest me. It’s in part an aide-memoire so that I can use it to set up another, and in part a diary. I have read a lot about building businesses and selling things online. Rather naively I thought “hey, I’m well educated, I’ve got good ideas, this can’t be that difficult…”. But I know that’s not going to be the case, and I’m preparing by eating lashings of humble pie now.

Contacting me

If you find an error or a link that doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would be happy to correct the errors you spot. I do go back and revise and update posts. If this blog is of use to you then that will give me real pleasure.

You can find me using the links below my photo, or you can reach out to me through the contact page.